Hey, I'm Aminata!

On most days, you can find me in the kitchen cooking up traditional African meals that I learned from my parents growing up, and randomly texting my friends to come over and chow down.

Our Story

In late 2020 , during the stress of the pandemic,  working as a  Nurse  amidst COVID-19, I found myself in the kitchen more often to escape  reality and what was going on around me.  I wanted to transport myself back home through food so , most times, I cooked traditional Sierra Leonean recipes passed down from my family. Other times , I made whatever I was in the mood for.  

During my grocery store trips, I browsed the aisles to gather ingredients . Most aisles , full of an assortment of flavors and concoctions from various backgrounds , still appeared to be missing something. I noticed a  gap in African flavors, that was only easily accessible when I traveled to  international stores -  most of which are few and far between in some residential areas.  At that moment, the pot came out, oil was sizzling, and Amjul was born!

Inspired by my Sierra Leonean culture, my goal is simple:  to introduce the world to   palate satisfying African flavors.  Using local premium ingredients and West African superfoods, we make small batch pantry essentials to excite your palate!  

Amjul takes a fun, healthy and ingredient conscious approach! Giving you ready to use, good for you options, without compromising flavor!