Hey, I'm Aminata!

I am glad we have one thing in common! Good taste!

Before I transport your palate and have you hooked forever, I want to share a piece of who I am with you! 

Our Story


Amjul  (AM-JEWEL)   marries my name , my Mother and my Late Fathers name , all of which derive from our rich Sierra Leonean heritage in West Africa. 

Amjul was born out of a 24 year diagnose of Diabetes that my Late Beloved Father had, and the power of Baobab.  Growing up as a first generation Sierra Leonean American in a traditional West African household, bold aromatic flavors are a staple in my everyday cuisines. 

One thing I do vividly remember growing up was my mother preparing my father a drink that contained Baobab : known as Monkey Bread or "The tree of Life".  This functional superfood contains rich , medicinal properties that she used to help alleviate the severity of my fathers condition, and reduce his blood sugar spikes. 

 The rich, aromatic palate satisfying flavors that West African  identifies with, are flavors I grew up on and I knew I wanted to share that with the world. I combined my love for food, culture and science to create sauce!  


Amjul uses premium ingredients and West African superfoods from our kitchen to your pantry, without the compromise!